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Climate Change Responses

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Editorial Board

Eric Post University of California, Davis, USA
Frank Seebacher University of Sydney, Australia

Associate Editors
Mads C Forchhammer The University Centre in Svalbard, Norway
Toke Thomas Hoye Aarhus University, Denmark
Michael Kearney University of Melbourne, Australia
Andrew McKechnie University of Pretoria, South Africa
A. Townsend Peterson The University of Kansas, USA
Patrick Sullivan University of Alaska Anchorage, USA
Blake Suttle Imperial College London, UK
John Terblanche Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Editorial Board
Miguel Araujo Imperial College London and CSIC, UK and Spain
Phoebe Barnard SANBI and University of Cape Town, South Africa
Carl Beierkuhnlein University of Bayreuth, Germany
Steven R Beissinger University of California at Berkeley, USA
Lauren B Buckley University of Washington, USA
Francesca Cagnacci Edmund Mach Foundation, Italy
Prof Craig Franklin The University of Queensland, Australia
Brian Helmuth Northeastern University, USA
Ditte Hendrichsen Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, Norway
Gretchen Hofmann University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
David Inouye University of Maryland, USA
Sebastien Lavergne CNRS, France
Philip Munday James Cook University, Australia
Carlos Navas University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Johan Olofsson Umeå University, Sweden
Loïc Pellissier University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Francisco Pulido Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
Terry Root Stanford University, USA
Takashi Saitoh Hokkaido University, Japan
Daniel E Schindler University of Washington, USA
Nils Christian Stenseth University of Oslo, Norway
Prof Piotr Tryjanowski Pozan University of Life Sciences, Poland
Mark C Urban University of Connecticut, USA
John (Jack) W Williams University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

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