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Figure 3

From: Anticipating novel conservation risks of increased human access to remote regions with warming

Figure 3

Distributions of species of conservation concern in the Tropics, overlain by maps of projected local temperature change under IPCC Scenario A2 (A, C), and maps of probability of disappearance of existing local climatic conditions from ref. [9] under the same scenario (B, D), by the year 2100. Species in the Asian tropics (A, B) include the Malayan tapir (pink), Sumatran orangutan (blue), and tiger (gray). Species in the Neotropics include Baird’s tapir (blue), Colombian woolly monkey (white), and jaguar (red). IUCN protected areas in category I or II, and in category V or VI, are shaded green and red, respectively. Maps produced in part using Google Earth.

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