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Table 6 Correlations in follows of Science Twitter accounts between Democrats, Republicans, and Republican “Crossovers” who crossed party lines to vote “Yea” on the Hoeven amendment to the Keystone XL bill stating that humans contribute to Global Climate Change

From: Trust, tribalism and tweets: has political polarization made science a “wedge issue”?

  Federal Science Agencies Science NGOs
Republicans vs. Democrats 0.610 0.339
Republicans vs. Crossovers 0.684 0.621
Democrats vs. Crossovers 0.687 0.459
  1. The correlation in the number of non-federal scientific organizations (Science NGOs) followed between Crossovers and Democrats is greater than that between Republicans and Democrats. The correlation in the number of Federal Science Agencies followed between Democrats and Crossovers is almost equal to that between Republicans and Crossovers. All correlations are significant at the α = 0.05 level based on 999 Monte Carlo randomizations