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Fig. 1

From: Modelling mammalian energetics: the heterothermy problem

Fig. 1

Sample body temperature traces (solid lines) of a single free-ranging individual from several mammal species over a period of 6 days. Also shown are ambient temperature traces (dotted lines) and the nocturnal period is represented by the grey bars and daytime by the white bars. The mammals represented are: (a) an Australian diurnal homeotherm with small daily amplitudes in Tb (Rattus lutreolus, Order: Rodentia, Stawski, Körtner, Nowack and Geiser unpublished data); (b) a diurnal homeotherm from Borneo with large daily Tb amplitude (Tupaia tana, Order: Scandentia, Levesque, Tuen and Lovegrove unpublished data); (c) an Australian nocturnal daily heterotherm shown with a torpor bout, low resting Tb, and high active Tb (Antechinus stuartii, Order: Dasyuromorphia, Stawski, Körtner, Nowack and Geiser unpublished data); and (d) a nocturnal basoendotherm from Madagascar (Setifer setosus, Order: Afrosoricida, data from [55])

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