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Fig. 1

From: Food storage in a changing world: implications of climate change for food-caching species

Fig. 1

Three axes hypothesized to influence the susceptibility of caching species to climate change with examples from species. Duration is the length of time that a food item is stored, perishability is how susceptible a food item is to microbial degradation and location is where food is stored. The latter falls under four categories ranging from high (arboreal) to low (subterranean) susceptibility. Each line represents the variation within a species on a particular axes with the thickness of a line representing the primary place in which a species falls along a given axis. For example, Gray Jays store perishable food but this storage can range from weeks to months. Green represents Gray Jays, blue represents Eurasian Jays and orange represents Red Squirrels. Illustrations by A. Gubbe

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