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Fig. 1

From: Impacts of a millennium drought on butterfly faunal dynamics

Fig. 1

a Elevational profile of Northern California (left) and map of the same area (on the right) with ten study sites indicated on both; site names as follows, from west to east: Suisun Marsh (SM), Gates Canyon (GC), West Sacramento (WS), North Sacramento (NS), Rancho Cordova (RC), Washington (WA), Lang Crossing (LC), Donner Pass (DP), Castle Peak (CP) and Sierra Valley (SV). b Average dates of first flight and c last flight across species at each location and year. d Average flight days, which are the average fraction of days individual species are observed per year. In panels b, c, and d, color coding for individual lines corresponds to sites as in panel a, and the data are shown as z-standardized values. Grey rectangles in panels b, c, and d, indicate the major drought years from late 2011 into 2015

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